Wednesday, December 21, 2011


"Mt Fuji" was my project for Creative Ideation at Art Center.  I designed it as a platforming videogame, where the player plays a Japanese scientist who must climb a massive alien structure growing out from the peak of Mt Fuji, Japan, up towards the outer atmosphere.  He is wearing the Climber Suit, a solar paneled motorized power suit.  The player can choose to climb the Sun Route, where he can take full advantage of the solar powered Climber Suit's power to make daring jumps and grabs, or take the Shadow Route, where he will have less of the power advantages of the suit, but will take a grippier, safer route in the shadows.  I tried to give the project a Japanese design aesthetic.  Hope you like it!


  1. nice work on this project, you stuck to your inspiration all the way, esp the keyframe looking down on the structure so siick!

  2. Just curious... on your sketch work I see what looks like pencil work underneath then possibly drawn over with a pen? What tools do you use for all those cool concept drawings?


    Dan Corbin